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Blast Crew

Our Blast Crew are a critical part of our mining operations, playing a key role in installing and detonating explosives. If you’re looking for a job combining physical activity with technical skills, then being a part of the Blast Crew may be the ideal fit.

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As a Shotfirer, you would safely load, prime, and fire blast holes within various environments. This role is perfect for those with a practical mindset and a commitment to working in challenging conditions.

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Drill and Blast Supervisor

Looking for more of a leadership role? Step up and apply for our Drill Blast Supervisor positions. Supervisors coordinate all aspects of our drilling and blasting operations, from planning to execution. A supervisory role could be your next career step if you possess excellent communication and organisational skills.

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Blast Hole Driller

Our Blast Hole Drillers perform an essential role within our operations, drilling precise holes that will be loaded with explosives for blasting. These positions require a high level of skill with an unprecedented commitment to safety. If you have a steady hand and enjoy working with heavy machinery, a career as a Blast Hole Driller could be just for you.

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As an Offsider, you will support our drilling team, ensuring that operations run efficiently and safely. This is a fantastic opening to further develop your career in the mining industry, with various opportunities for skill development and progression.

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MPU Operator

As an MPU Operator, you will be primarily responsible for the safe operation of MPU vehicles and the mixing and delivery of explosives at multiple blast sites. This role is integral to our operations and is perfect for those who thrive in a challenging and team-oriented environment.

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Drill Fitter

As a Drill Fitter, you will be primarily responsible for ensuring our drilling equipment’s proper maintenance and repair. This role is perfect for those with extensive experience in the industry seeking a hands-on role with heavy machinery.

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RC Driller

A successful RC Driller will play a key role in mineral exploration by conducting safe and efficient drilling operations.

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