Rock on Ground currently has a highly skilled workforce of site managers, supervisors, drillers, shotfirers, MMU operators and blast crew. Many of our workforce are multi-skilled and can alternate between the drilling and blasting components, which give our teams great flexibility on smaller projects.

For more information on working with Rock on Ground please go to the Employment page.


All of Rock on Ground’s equipment is purchased new and is maintained to the highest standards in order to maximise safety and reliability.

Rock on Ground’s fleet of equipment consists of:

2016 Atlas Copco – D65 Drill2
2010 Atlas Copco – L8-30 DTH Drill2
2010 Atlas Copco – D65 DTH Drill1
2011 Sandvik Pantera – DP1500i Drill4
2011 Sandvik Pantera – DP1500 Drill2
2009 Montabert Drill – powered by a Hitachi ZX330-LC-3 excavator2
2009 Sandvik Pantera – DP1100 Drill2
2008 Montabert Drill – powered by a Hitachi ZX330-LC-3 excavator4
2007 Sandvik Pantera – DP1500 Drill2
2007 Sandvik Pantera – DP1100 Drill1
2006 Sandvik Pantera – DP1100 Drill1
IEE ANFO / Emulsion  Triple MPU Truck1
IEE Emulsion Truck – 9 tonne capacity1
IEE ANFO Truck – 8 tonne capacity1
IEE ANFO Truck – 5 tonne capacity1
IEE ANFO Trailer – 1 tonne capacity2
Stemming Loaders3
Isuzu NPS 300 4wd Fitter and Driller trucks8
Explosive Accessory Vehicles (bomb utes)7
Support Vehicles42
Explosive Magazines14
Blasting equipment and electronic testing and video equipment8
Site offices – 40ft2
40ft AN Prill Storage Containers6
Dangerous Goods Storage Containers – 20ft5
Portable Workshops8
Kenworth T908 Prime Mover1